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Empowerment Program

Helping low-income families through sheltering and intensive case management to achieve lasting independence

FPHC's Empowerment (Shelter) Program can help low-income families achieve lasting independence by providing shelter, meals, and support services. Through intensive case management and counseling, we address the underlying causes of homelessness.


  1. Must have children. We work exclusively with families with children. Any family or individual applying for our program must have at least one child in their custody.

  2. Must be able and willing to work. We are a work-oriented program focused on families regaining independence by finding consistent, reliable employment. 

  3. Must not have a current situation involving domestic violence. Our facility is not equipped to handle situations with an imminent threat of domestic violence.

  4. Must work or seek employment in Hall County. Children must be enrolled in local schools.

  5. Must be willing to comply with our Guest Contract and Guidelines. We require that families comply with a basic code of conduct and meet specific expectations. For example, we do not tolerate drugs, alcohol, or violence. A drug screen will be required prior to entering the program.

  6. Must pay a $100 entry fee upon program entry. The fee will be prorated depending on the week of entry. 

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